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 To honour the animal.

To practice the art.

To promote, protect and preserve the traditional knowledge.

At Bashkwegin, we are a First Nation owned tanning company dedicated to the art of brain-tanning wildlife hides in the traditional way. We have learned from many First Nation Elders and Knowledge Keepers from across Turtle Island. All natural brain-tanned smoked buckskin leather is soft, strong, and beautiful. Unlike commercial tanning methods, OUR tanning process recreates the integrity of the living skin, and does not alter or chemically break down the fibres. Bashkwegin’s environmentally friendly, hand-made leather is unmatched.

We create full buffalo robes using bison hides with the best winter wool. We provide custom tanning and European skull mounting services. This includes cleaning and preserving skulls, teeth, claws, and antlers.

We offer ready to assemble hand drum kits.

We supply powwow drum / grandfather drum materials such as frames and rawhide.

We are also honoured to partner with several First Nation artists and craftspeople whose finished works are available exclusively through our online store.

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Chi Miigwetch!