About Manitoba Buckskin

"Honour the Animal"

"Practice the Art"

"Share with the World"

At Manitoba Buckskin we are dedicated to the art of brain-tanning wildlife hides in the traditional way.  We have learned from many elders and teachers across North America, and have developed our process through years of experience. All natural brain-tanned smoked buckskin leather is soft, strong, and beautiful.  The tanning process recreates the integrity of the living skin, and does not alter or chemically break down the skin fibres as with commercial tanning processes.  Completely environmentally friendly hand made leather which retains the individual characteristics of each animal.  Please visit: WWW.MANITOBABUCKSKIN.COM

We also make buffalo robes using bison hides with the best winter wool, provide custom tanning and European skull mounting services, clean and preserve skulls, teeth, claws, and antlers, and make ready to assemble hand drum kits from start to finish in our shop.

We also provide powwow drum / grandfather drum materials: frames and rawhide, as well as Elk and Bison whole rawhide, workshops, consulting services and more....  Please contact us with any inquiries.   

We are very pleased to work together in partnership with several First Nations artists and craftspeople whose work is available exclusively through our online store. 

Thank you!