Rawhide lacing / Babiche: for drums, snowshoes, etc


All natural babiche lacing cut by hand from deer and elk rawhide.   This lacing is cut to 25' lengths, and strength tested to insure integrity along the entire length.

The rawhide we make is all natural, and retains the natural strength of the living skin.  When we cut the lace, we soak and stretch it to contract the rawhide into a strong cord.  Each lace is a 1/2" rawhide strip stretched down to 1/4" folded over on itself.  This rawhide is very strong compared to commercially processed rawhide.  It is really incredibly strong. The lacing is pliable when wet, and as it dries it will contract and cinch itself tight with enormous force, creating a  tight and stiff result.  Very useful for hand drums, snowshoes, or any application where a strong cord is required.

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