Whitetail Deer Rawhide: all natural, unbleached


Whole whitetail deer rawhide.  All natural: fleshed, cleaned, hair removed, stretched and dried, then oiled on the grain side. No chemical agents used in the process, these hides retain the natural strength of the living skin. These deer hides are generally similar in size, around 9-11 square feet.  Most have at least one bullet hole, sometimes two.  We choose the hides that are large and relatively intact, without many knife holes or deep scores.

Elk and Bison whole rawhides also available, but these are limited to size restrictions with most shipping providers.  Because they are "oversize", international shipping is often prohibitively expensive.  We can ship by Greyhound in most of Canada however, at a very affordable shipping rate.  Please contact us with inquiries. carl@manitobabuckskin.com